Who doesn’t want to look and feel beautiful? Ever since I realized that I needed more than just a good moisturizer, I’ve become a bit obsessed with trying out the best anti-aging wrinkle cream products in 2020 that protect against aging, wrinkles and overall skin damage.

There are a ton of options out there to choose from, so I narrowed my search down to products that use quality organic ingredients that had been tested by dermatologists and that were not overpriced.

I’ve tried quite a few wrinkle cream product lines in the organic skincare niche, with varying results. One of the most exciting is Adonia Organics. I found out about the company after seeing them featured on the Rachel Ray Show and The Doctors, and was intrigued by the fact that they work with combinations of natural ingredients used in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean for centuries. I have a few good friends from that part of the world, and I’ve always been fascinated by their traditional herbal beauty treatments and “folk remedies.” So I thought, “Here’s my chance to see what these herbs and natural ingredients can do, and if they work out of a jar.”

Best Organic Face Lift Cream | An Anti-Aging Face Lift in Just 7 Minutes?

I’ve toyed with the idea of Botox or derm fillers, but in the end, I just don’t like the idea of needles injecting chemicals into my face, and having to do that every six months to keep it up. Not to mention that it costs a lot and can be painful. I do want to look good, but my personal goal to achieve that look is via a regular anti-aging facial care routine that makes for healthy, youthful skin, and that I can maintain long-term, rather than invasive surgical methods.

Athena 7 Minute Lift Instant face lift anti aging creamI’ve experimented with many varieties of wrinkle creams and serums, with varying and not very definitive results. I use the standard skin care regimen such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and peptide applications, but they haven’t really had much effect on wrinkles and fine lines. So when I heard about the Athena 7-Minute Lift  Wrinkle Cream, which claims to give a face lift in just 7 minutes, I decided to give it a try.

The company says the 7-Minute Lift Cream contains 12 essential organic oils, which are anti-oxidants and moisturizers that serve to firm, re-hydrate and plump the skin, and fill in wrinkles. That’s how it works. To be honest, I was a little bit skeptical about the 7-minute result claim, but I figured that the ingredients looked good, the price was within my beauty budget, and I’d probably get some benefits from it.

My problem areas are fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin around my eyes and mouth area. But in three words, I hate wrinkles! It’s worse when I’ve had a stressful day, or missed out on sleep. It’s not terrible, but when I look in the mirror, I feel like those wrinkles do not reflect who I am and how I want to feel. And I hate it when my skin looks unhealthy and dull.

The Athena 7-Minute Lift comes with a soft brush to apply the cream, because you are supposed to use only a light covering; you will get a residue if you use too much. So I applied the product as directed, waited for the 7 minutes to pass, and had a look in the mirror.

To say that I was “happily surprised” at the end of 7 minutes would be an understatement, I was truly blown away! I could actually see immediate results. My skin looked super smooth and soft, with an even texture, no puffy under-eye circles, fine lines pretty much gone, the wrinkles around my eyes and between the brows visibly minimized. Overall, my face looked healthy, youthful and fresh, while still looking like me!

This best anti-aging cream works for about 10 hours at a time, which is perfect to get me through the “public” parts of my day. Since I was happy with the results, I have finished off the first jar now and the effects have been improving week by week. The company says that it’s best to use daily and over time, you can see up to 83.7% reduction in wrinkles.

Adonia Organics’ Athena 7-Minute Lift Cream is the best product that I want to keep using, because while I’m sure that many of the organic products available do help to keep your skin healthy, I haven’t found anything that delivers this level of results in terms of my appearance. It more or less “erases” my wrinkles in the space of a few minutes, and I truly love the natural, youthful look I get, and feel more like the “real me.”

Best Firming Face Cream from Plant Stem Cells | Stemulift Works!

I’ve always been fascinated by the potential of stem cells since I first heard about them some years ago, and how they were making some revolutionary medical treatments possible. So when I heard that Adonia Organics also offers a facial care serum made from plant stem cells, I had to try it. Research has shown that plant stem cells have a positive effect on human skin cells by stimulating our own skin stem cells to reproduce at a faster rate, and that sounded exciting to me.

3 Best Powerful Wrinkle Creams of 2020 | Best Anti-Aging Serums 1

I’ve now finished my first jar of Adonia Organics Stemulift Serum, and I have to say that I love what it’s doing for my skin. As I’ve mentioned, my biggest skin problems are the wrinkles and fine lines that have been developing, along with discoloration here and there. I’ve used anti-aging creams, wrinkle creams and serums across the spectrum, from the drugstore classics to high-end department store brands, although I’ve never found one using stem cell technology until now.


Since using Stemulift Serum for a month, my wrinkles are diminishing, and it has reduced the saggy skin around my jaw, so that that area looks more contoured now. My neck is looking firmer and tighter, and my cheekbones are more defined, and starting to look more like they did during my 20’s.

Beauty experts have said that this one skincare product replaces your day and night creams, serums, under eye wrinkle creams and neck creams. They say you will be better off getting rid of all of those and just using this one product for morning and night.

Stem cell technology aims to get to the root of the problem of aging skin, rather than just a surface treatment. Thus it is going to have a much greater impact on the appearance and overall condition of your skin, as opposed to products that simply hydrate and soften. For now, I’m using Stemulift Serum followed by the Athena 7-Minute Lift, to get the instant results of the lift while the stem cell treatment is working under the surface over time.

Best Instant Wrinkle Remover | Best Peptide Treatment Erases Fine Lines!

Adonia Peptide 10 wrinkle reducer creamAfter such great results, I was hooked. The third product I tried from the Adonia Organics anti-aging line was the Peptide 10 Serum. The company says that this is a combination of 10 nano-peptides that lift and firm skin, along with probiotics, which nourish and protect the skin. The protein poly-peptides in the product also reduce “crease memory” in the skin by allowing it to relax.

I have tried other peptide treatments that promised great results, but ended up with a real let-down and having absolutely no visible effect at all. So I was curious to see if this one could do any differently.

I applied Peptide 10 Serum, as directed, to the areas of my face and neck where I needed to “erase” some annoying wrinkles and firm up the skin, and then waited for two minutes without changing my facial expression.

The instructions say to hold still for this one! And yes, I admit I was pretty surprised after two minutes to see a big change in my skin – the wrinkles around my eyes and mouth erased or greatly minimized and the overall skin tone looked smoother and healthier. The company says that in addition to the instant results,

which are amazing and stay visible for 10 hours, the product also works overtime to reverse the effects of aging on the skin. I’m impressed with the results of my first week of use, which are wonderful, so I’m going to keep using the serum to experience its long-term effects. It’s like having a “filler in a jar.”

Reverse Aging and Look Younger at an Affordable Price!

Adonia products are a little more costly than your standard drug-store varieties, but still, at around $79 a jar their entire line of anti-aging wrinkle creams are well within my budget for the results I’ve experienced. These wrinkle cream products are quite potent and only require a small amount for each application, so in the end, the cost is very reasonable, and even more so when you compare it to professional salon beauty treatments. And these products are treatments, not just a cream or serum.

I’ve since heard some “Hollywood buzz” going around, and it turns out that quite a few celebrities are fans of these Adonia Organic’s reverse-aging skin products. The Athena 7-Minute Lift, in particular, is used by a lot of celebs for red carpet events when they’ve got cameras in their faces from every direction. When they have to look flawless, Adonia’s line of natural skincare products give them an airbrush in a jar.

Don’t Miss this Free Offer in Adonia Organics’ Line of Anti-Aging Wrinkle Creams & Serums

There is also a great offer from Adonia going on right now — they are offering a complimentary bottle of LegTone Serum when you purchase any two of these best anti-aging creams! LegTone Serum reduces the appearance of cellulite on the legs, and if it is anything like the wrinkle cream products I tried, it’s going to be amazing. Read the next blog for more about getting rid of ugly cellulite.